“I’m passionate about helping food concepts with business development and marketing. With food as the driving force, I want to develop companies, places, destinations and regions.”

Briefly about me: Since 2005, I have worked with food and beverage customers either at 3 advertising agencies or in my own company. For 3.5 years I worked at Visit Sweden with food tourism, I was, among other things, project manager for the dissemination of knowledge within the Food Tourism program, which resulted in trend reports, step-by-step guides and opportunity analyzes within meal tourism. I also lectured nationally on themes such as the potential in meal tourism and meal tourism trends.


Food trends and food travel trends.

For example:
– Food travel trends
– The potential in food tourism
– Development and packaging of food tourism products
– Optimization of digital communication channels
– Communicate sustainability in practice


Marketing and communication plans, optimization and more. 

Food Concept Development

Consultant in food tourism/food travel as well as product development, packaging and concept development. Analyzes to optimize businesses.