Food Photo Festival 2019

4-7 June exhibited Hävvi = Naturally in Vejle, Denmark as one of 17 exhibitors. Food Photo Festival is the largest festival on the theme in the world and the visitors participating are coming from 27 countries.

This is the second time the exhibition is exposed. First time was during the bookrelease. Below is more info:

Photos from the book: Hävvi = Naturally Southern Sámi cuisine as interpreted by Elaine Asp

(Released 2/2, 2019 at Restaurant Sturehof and Stockholms Matmarknad)

In this book, you will meet award-winning chef Elaine Asp, famed for her modern interpretations of traditional Southern Sámi dishes. Her restaurant, Hävvi i Glen, unites Southern Sámi cuisine and local Swedish culinary culture, resulting in a thrilling blend of traditional and modern flavors. Join Elaine as she explores the eight Sámi seasons and learn how the ingredients are harvested, hunted, caught, and cut. A lifestyle becomes apparent, one that has guaranteed survival in the forests and mountains for thousands of years, while also leading the way with its focus on quality and sustainability.

In Southern Sámi culture, reindeer, fresh ingredients, handcrafts, and nature form a complete tapestry, with interwoven threads that support one another. Elaine’s eight Sámi partners are part of this tapestry and represent a diverse range of backgrounds, from reindeer herders and craftspeople to chefs who share stories of reindeer herding, food, crafts, and their faith in the future. Together with Elaine, they present 70 or so recipes for everything from Suovas with blueberry marmalade to birch leaf juice, pickled garden angelica, smoked mountain fish, blood dumplings, and oven-roasted marrowbone.

Also contributing is award-winning freelance writer Anna-Britta Ståhl, with an exploration of Sámi history and the fundamentals of Sámi cuisine.

The photographer is Bianca Brandon-Cox, who also contributed to the book Taste of Sápmi, which garnered a total of five awards, including first prize for the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards in the category of “World’s Best Historical Cookbook.”

“This book is not just my love letter to reindeer, nature, and Southern Sámi cuisine. It is also my way of rectifying the wrongs done to my paternal grandmother and everyone else who belonged to the generation of Sámi deprived of the opportunity to be proud of their knowledge of nature, their culture, their language, and their heritage. This book is also a tribute to my maternal grandmother, who taught me the fundamentals of self-sufficiency. The recipes are based on my interpretation of traditional Southern Sámi dishes and I hope they will inspire you to find more ingredients in nature and to live more sustainably.”

Elaine Asp

Boken Hävvi = Självklart, was produced with support from Sametinget and Europeiska jordbruksfonden för landsbygdsutveckling.


I found the restaurant Hävvi i Glen mostly by coincidence online, and when I read the menu, which both felt genuine and poetic, I decided to go there. Once there, I was impressed by fantastic tastes of the self-caught mountain fish and open-fire Suovas. And when Elaine told me about the craft behind various Sámi specialties, I had to know more. I also asked, “Why have I never heard of Sámi food before?”

This was 2011 and our first meeting resulted in several articles published in the magazines Kupéand Gourmet, among others. Today, Hävvi i Glen has received awards in White Guide eight years running and from a number of other industry organizations, most recently from Gastronomiska Akademien.

In 2016 I met Elaine again during the production of Taste of Sápmi, a cookbook initiated by Slow Food Sápmi and created together with Sámi chefs. The book was a big hit and was named by the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards as “Best in the World” in two categories.

Last year, Elaine contacted me again and explained that the Sámi Parliament had decided to contribute to her dream project, a cookbook that follows the eight seasons of the Sámi. She wanted me to take the photos for the book and the result, Hävvi = Naturally: South Sámi food interpreted by Elaine Asp, took a year to produce.

The exhibition consists of 41 photos, about 10 of which are displayed at the Stockholm Food Market and about 30 at Sturehof.

Each photo has been reproduced in five copies on Fine Art Print Aquarella in sizes 50×70 cm or 70×100 cm. They come signed and unframed. A certificate is included in the purchase.

The photos cost SEK 4,000 or SEK 6,000 depending on size.

Shipping or courier is extra. Delivery time about 1–2 weeks.

Order via

More about the photographer Bianca Brandon-Cox:

Bianca literally grew up in the darkroom of her maternal grandmother, documentary photographer Ingrid Landberg.Ingrid was the only female member of the Gävle Photo Club, where she and three colleagues started Bildgrupp Gavle. The four, who, among other places, travelled to Ireland, England and Poland for photos, received several awards for their work.

Today, Bianca has worked behind the camera for over twenty years, and ten years ago she decided to focus on food and drink as well as the people behind the food.

In 2014, Bianca was a major contributor to Taste of Sápmi: Sámi Cuisine – Tradition and Innovation into the Future.The cookbook was named by the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards as “Best in the World” in two categories and second best in “The Best Cookbooks of the last 20 years” in its category Local Cuisine.

At the same time that Taste of Sápmiwas being produced, Bianca learned that her father inherited a box of photographs, films and diaries from his father Hugh Brandon-Cox. Image her surprise when she discovered that her grandfather, who was an artist, photographer and filmmaker in England, had lived with and documented the life of Norwegian Sámi for seven years in the 1960s. His photos depict all aspects of everyday life: reindeer being transported on rafts, children playing in beautiful landscapes and women butchering animals.He describes his meeting with the Norwegian Sámi in the book The Trail of the Arctic Nomads, and his unedited films about their lives have been shown both on English and Swedish TV.

Bianca is currently producing photos for several cookbooks, and when she is done, she hopes to have time to explore her grandfather’s box of treasures more. Her dream is to produce a book and an exhibition based on this unique material.

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