About Bianca

Since september 2019, I am working as a Project Manager for the dissemination of knowledge within the Export Program for Food Travel “Måltidsprogrammet”. My role is to contribute to business and destination development throughout Sweden by disseminating knowledge and insights in food tourism both through a knowledge bank and physical meetings.

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Stockholm based Bianca Brandon-Cox has over 20 years of experience in photography – she more or less grew up in a darkroom with her grandmother who was a documentary photographer. Initially Bianca started in the same field but found her true passion in food photography and marketing. 

Today Bianca is an awarded Food Photographer, Prop Stylist and Filmmaker. She specializes in food and the amazing people behind the food. She works with commercial and editorial clients in various areas of the food business.

”I love the way food communicates culture, history, social structures, passion and craftsmanship. Its ability to create emotions, memories and bonds between people fascinates me. I am just as passionate about the people behind the food and their ability to create masterpieces.”

During the last ten years she has done 28 books and several of them have won prices such as ‘Best in the World’ in the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards.

Each year clients ask for more and more motion productions. On Biancas Youtube Channel you can see everything from gastro-documentaries à la Chef’s Table to Restaurant menu videos, Product videos, Recipe videos and Online-courses with appreciated Swedish food influencers.

During these 20 years she has also been studying marketing and been employed as an Art Director, Film Studio Manager, Marketing Director and Content Manager by three Commercial Agencies. She loves personal and engaging marketing and the possibilities with social media.